Glover. John

Glover. John

Rank: Rifleman

Regiment: 1st Bn., Royal Irish Rifles

Died: November 30, 1917

Number: 47300

Aged: 26

John was recorded as a Farm Labourer in 1911 Census. The son of John and Mary Glover of 5 Honey Street Northam. Young John Married Gwendoline Grace Potter (17/04/1911) She was a collar worker living in Meddon street Bideford.

Brother to Thomas also lost. May 31st 1916. Family Grave St Margarets Churchyard Ref. Z2z b4

Memorial: Northam

Remembered with honour:

White House Cemetery, St Jean-les-ypres. ( Coll. grave II.C.9.)

Northam War Memorial.

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