Morgan. George William Faulkner

Morgan. George William Faulkner

Rank: Chaplin

Regiment: H.M.S. "Invincible" Royal Navy Lost at the Battle of Jutland.

Died: May 31, 1916

Aged: 38

Son of James Hill Faulconer Morgan and Amelia Morgan B.A.

The Revd George William Faulconer MORGAN

Chaplain, Royal Navy, HMS Invincible

He studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge where he obtained a BA (June Opt.) in 1903 and trained for the Priesthood at Wells Theological College in 1903. He was made a Deacon in 1904 and ordained Priest by the Bishop of Exeter in 1905 serving his Title as Curate of Stoke Damarel from 1904-06, when he became a Chaplain to the Royal Navy. He served on HMS Prince of Wales 1906–07; HMS Venus 1907–08; at the RN College, Osborne 1908-09 then HMS Berwick 1909 –10; HMS Challenger 1910–12; HMS Powerful 1912–13 and HMS Impregnable 1913–15.

The son of J H F and Amelia M Morgan B.A. He was aged 38 when he was lost at sea at the Battle of Jutland and is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial 11.

Additional information

HMS Invincible was an Invincible Class battle cruiser built at Vickers Armstrong, Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1909. The Flagship of Admiral Sir Horace Lambert Alexander Hood, she was sunk by SMS Derfflinger and Lutzow the latter being badly damaged by HMS Invincible. The entire ship’s company of 1026 were lost. (Some records indicate that there were six survivors.)

George was one of R.N.D.Golf Club members honoured on their WW1 Memorial board. His address for Probate was Northam, Devonshire. Residence yet to be cofirmed.

Memorial: Northam

Remembered with honour:

Portsmouth Naval Memorial Panel Ref: 11.  Northam War Memorial.

St Margaret's Book of Remembrance. R.N.D.Golf Club WW1 Memorial Board.

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