Temple. Elfrida Stella M.B.E.

Temple. Elfrida Stella M.B.E.

Rank: Commandant

Regiment: V.A.D. Voluntary Aid Detatchment Later Red Cross

Died: March 24, 1919

Number: Cert No 9566, 12643 Passport No 152450

Aged: 29

Daughter of Edward and Augusta Temple of "Quarry" lenwood Road Northam. Elfrida Stella Temple Joined the V.A.D. in June 1916 and was awarded her M.B.E. in Jan 1919. Elfrida died in London in the March of 1919 from the Influenza pandemic that swept the world between 1918-20.

She was a very modern woman for her time. A great sportswoman County Golfer, (see Ladies Golf R.N.D G.C.See Stella Temple Memorial Cup) as well as representing the South West at Hockey and Cricket.

Memorial: Northam

Memorial: Westward Ho

Remembered with honour:

Northam War Memorial. St Margaret's Book of Remembrance. Poole at War Roll of Honour.